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One of the most common questions we get is:

How did we come up with this diet-friendly ice cream idea?

Ice cream is our favorite junk food. However, as former bodybuilding and bikini competitors, it wasn't exactly the best thing to have!

This is when the idea of coming out with a low calorie high protein version came about.

We wanted to create something that tasted exactly like ice cream, but with great macronutrients. 

We knew such a product will benefit many others as well. 

With zero experience in starting a business, it was a rough start.

But we stuck to our vision and took on a growth mindset towards everything we did (Google and YouTube quickly became our best friend).  

After about a year of preparation, our creation was ready.

FITYO hit the market late 2016. Proudly made in Hong Kong, we are the first low calorie, high protein frozen yogurt in town that delivers the full ice cream experience in taste, with fantastic numbers.

We are also the first low calorie high protein frozen yogurt in town that can be delivered straight to your doorstep.

Have your first FITYO experience at the click of a few buttons.